Data Entry Services

Staff members of McCloud & Associates, Inc. are experienced in data entry verification services.  McCloud & Associates, Inc. is accomplished in responding to requests, searching databases, and other reference sources for appropriate materials.   Professional staff members have strong database management, writing and editing skills.

Expertise in Data Entry (Quality Control Supervisors)
Courier Services
Data Entry Services (On-Site and Off-Site Locations)
Capability in Proofreading and Editing
Database Management and Development

Word Processing-Technical Writing, Editorial & Document Preparation Support

Staff members are experienced in writing, editing and producing quality materials.   We provide writing and editorial services to prepare publications by either performing original research and independent interviewing or rewriting and synthesizing from draft reports provided by outside sources.  Staff members include technical writers whose knowledge base ensures flexibility, speed and technical accuracy.  Our technical writing and editorial support staff is experienced and able to offer service in:

Word Processing
Database Management
Develop Manuals
Develop Policy & Procedures Manuals
In-house Equipment to Complete Assigned Projects
Courier Services

Desktop Publishing

McCloud & Associates, Inc. produces high-quality, low-cost technical documents through the use of advanced computer technology.  Staff is experienced layout and graphic design professionals who have the knowledge and skills to produce varied types of assignments.  Desktop publishing services include:

Word Processing
Technical Illustration
Page Design/Layout
High Resolution Page Reproduction
Advanced Graphic Design
Black and White/Color Digital Scanning
Quality Photocopies